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Outdoor Play can Reduce the Negative Effects of Screen Time in Young Children - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

If you have young children, you’re likely worried about how much time they spend staring at a screen, be it a tablet, phone, comput […]

Moderate and Intense Exercise Help to Have Good Sleep Pattern - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Proper sleep is critical for the maintenance of good health, and vice versa a healthy lifestyle has been found to improve sleep quality. […]

Study Shows how Female and Male Hearts Respond Differently to Stress Hormone - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

A new study published in Science Advances shows female and male hearts respond differently to the stress hormone noradrenaline. The study […]

Eating Low-Calorie Meals may be Better For Weight Loss than Intermittent Fasting - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Overweight and obesity are well‐established modifiable chronic disease risk factors that affect >70% of US adults. The limited success […]

Resistance Training in Older Adults Decrease Oxidative Stress - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Aging and related diseases are associated with alterations in oxidative status and low-grade inflammation, as well as a decreased endopla […]

Mood Affects the Way you Focus in Tasks - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Mood state, different from emotion, is a low-intensity, diffuse, and relatively enduring affective state. People are in a mood as soon as […]

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