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Taurine: Key to Longer and Healthier Life - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

A deficiency of taurine — a nutrient produced in the body and found in many foods — is a driver of aging in animals, accordin […]

The Feeling of Hunger Itself May Slow Aging - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

A new study from the University of Michigan has revealed that the feeling of hunger itself may be enough to slow aging. These intriguing […]

Smells Can Influence Metabolism and Aging - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Exposure to female odors and pheromones causes weight loss and extends the life spans of mice, which may have implications for humans. &# […]

Discovery Could Hold the Key to Healthy Aging During Global Warming - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Researchers have long known that many animals live longer in colder climates than in warmer climates. New research in C. elegans nematode […]

The Ageing of Cells May Be Due to Errors that Harm Protein Production - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Older cells may fail to make proteins or may make proteins that don’t function as they should, in a discovery that could lead to ne […]

Hair Follicle Transplants Can Promote Scar Rejuvenation - Dr. Ramon - Ramon De La Puerta, MD

Tissue remodeling is the reorganization of tissue architecture, which can be either physiological, responsible for directing the developm […]

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